Notice to Users of EDC-20 (ERC20) |

Notice to Users of EDC-20 (ERC20)

The EDC-20 (ERC20) token is switching to the new blockchain, Binance Smart Chain. All users should transfer their ERC20 tokens from exchange wallets to the EDC Blockchain wallet by July 1, 2021 in order to perform the process of the token swap. 

SWAP Terms: 

1. From June 3, 2021, an automatic process of a token swap (ERC20 –> BEP20) will start in the EDC Blockchain wallet. 

2. The BEP20 token will receive the “EDCB” ticker 

3. Decimals: 6 

4. The total supply of tokens is limited to 100 million EDCB 

5. The address of the smart contract in the BSC network using which you can store the EDCB token on external wallets: 0x9d63889b6012866511b0dd04d6b4f905503573a3

After transferring and swapping your ERC20 tokens to BEP20 tokens, you will be able to store, send and receive EDCb (BEP20) tokens using BNB gas from your wallet. 

How to transfer ERC20 tokens to the EDC Blockchain wallet: 

1. Open the "Finances" section in your EDC Blockchain wallet 

2. Choose “Deposit” 

3. Copy the ERC-20 wallet address in the opened window. There is an example below: 

4. Visit your exchange wallet and transfer your ERC20 tokens to the EDC Blockchain ERC20 wallet address. Carefully check the address to which you are transferring tokens. If you enter an incorrect wallet address, your funds will be lost. 

Note. At the end of the specified period, all ERC20 tokens will be automatically replaced with BEP20 tokens. EDC Blockchain is not responsible for user funds on exchanges. 

Benefits of migration:

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