Getting 1000% Cashback in 60 Seconds? EDC Auction Makes It Possible! |

Getting 1000% Cashback in 60 Seconds? EDC Auction Makes It Possible!

Are you an EDC coin user looking for the new opportunity to use your coin? An entrepreneur who wants to get more bonus coins to use in your business? A user who has long dreamed of a new gadget? Or a gambler and you know how to win at auctions?

EDC Auction is a platform which makes it possible for every EDC Blockchain participant to realize their potential! At EDC Auction, you can show your ambition and passion, win cool products, or earn extra EDC coins!

How to participate 

Register at Deposit EDC coins to your balance in the "Balances" section from your EDC Blockchain wallet, and be sure to indicate MEMO.

In the same section, exchange coins for a BID package containing from 5 to 200 BIDs. BID is the internal unit using which you can participate in an auction. The cost of 1 BID is $10.

Go to the main “Auction” page and select an available lot. You will see when the next auction starts and you can prepare to bid in advance. Past auctions and winners’ names are visible on the same page.

When the auction starts, on the auction page, the red “Bid now” button becomes active. If you lead in 60 seconds, you win.

You can place any number of bids. 1 BID increases the lot amount by $1. The more a user places BIDs, the higher the probability of winning.

What the winner gets 

The auction usually ends when each of the participants has placed an average of 8-10 BIDs ($80-100). Thus, the participant wins a lot worth more than $1000 by spending up to $100!!! In this case, your profit will be 1000%! You can receive your lot in two ways: arrange the delivery of the product by paying the final cost of the lot, or get a cashback in EDC coins which will be instantly credited to your account.

Why to get EDC cashback 

  • By choosing cashback, you do not need to wait until you receive the goods by mail and do not pay anything extra. 
  • EDC cashback is unlimited. It can be either $1 000 or $10 000 that depends on the number of BIDs you place, your passion and mathematics! You will receive exactly the same amount at what rate you won the lot. 
  • 50% of the coins spent on the BID purchase are burned. The more participants exchange coins for BIDs, the more coins are burned and the more the EDC coin strengthens in the market and grows in value. 
  • You can immediately withdraw your cashback from your EDC Auction account.

How to use bonus coins  

Having received bonus coins at the auction, a number of opportunities open up for their implementation:

  • Staking your coins and receiving bonuses from the deposit in return. At the end of the staking period, your deposit will be returned to your balance;
  • Exchanging EDCs for BIDs in your EDC Auction account and continue participating in auctions;
  • Winning a brand item (now the iPhone and MacBook are raffled off) by purchasing it at the lowest price;
  • Any EDC user who has placed even one bid can become a winner. If the starting price of a lot is $100, the minimum purchase price can be $101 (if you have placed 1 BID and won);
  • Participating in an affiliate program and earning money with your team. The larger the team, the more your income.

Last week there were two auctions, the winners of which received EDC cashback to their EDC Auction accounts. The next auction will take place on December 16th, where you can win an iPhone Pro Max or receive EDC coins! Do not miss!

We wish you good luck! 

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