Expanding the EDC Blockchain Network to 51 Validators |

Expanding the EDC Blockchain Network to 51 Validators

Dear users, we are pleased to inform you that the number of active validators (witnesses) in the EDC Blockchain network have increased to 51 nodes. At the moment, all 51 witness nodes are functioning and generating daily income for their owners. 

Each member of the staking service can become a validator and receive a reward for confirming transactions and forming blocks in the blockchain. The validator's reward is 0.5 EDC per block plus an additional accrual from commissions for operations performed on the platform, distributed among the validators in equal proportions. 

You can read the detailed instructions on how to open a node and become a validator here: https://blockchain.mn/how-to-become-a-witness-account-and-deploy-a-node/ 

About EDC Blockchain 

EDC Blockchain is a decentralized platform specializing in the development of blockchain tools for entrepreneurs and various loyalty programs for users, as well as provides the opportunity to participate in staking services. The immediate goal of the platform is to expand the set of validators up to 100 nodes, which will help ensure a higher level of decentralization, create a coin shortage through burning and provide the possibility of moving to the next stage – creating a public blockchain, in which validators vote on important decisions and increase of the rewards. 

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