EDC to Be Listed on DigiFinex |

EDC to Be Listed on DigiFinex

Dear community members! 

The EDC coin will be listed on the DigiFinex exchange! Starting from tomorrow 16:00 (GMT + 8) you can make your first deposits. Trading paired with EDC/BTC and withdrawal will be available starting from June 24, 2020, 16:00 (GMT + 8).

Learn more about EDC listing on DigiFinex and don’t miss your trading opportunity!

There is a clear correlation between the success of a coin and the quality of the listings in which it appears. This helps achieve a positive exchange effect and contributes to the growth of coin exchange rate. Thanks to the switching to a decentralized approach, each member of our community will have the right to make offers for listing coins on various exchanges. Find out detailed information here.

Participate in collective decision-making on the development of the project and become more successful!

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