EDC Blockchain Reaching a New Stage of Development |

EDC Blockchain Reaching a New Stage of Development

Dear users and partners!

EDC Blockchain begins the process of denomination of the EDC coin as part of a new development stage. Due to this, the technical updates on the denomination will be carried out on August 19th, 2020, 17:00 (GMT + 8). All market balances, including the total supply, will be divided by 1000.

When switching to the new operating mode, our partner exchanges will stop trading the coin to reduce their balances and perform node updates prior to the start of the denomination process. 

We expect the denomination process to increase the value of the EDC coin by 1000 times by reducing the supply of coins in the market by 1000 times, creating a shortage of coins, while the total capitalization will remain unchanged.

This decision was made to stimulate support for the project and attract new partners before the full launch of the decentralized EDC blockchain, after which each EDC user can become a validator and support the network, receiving rewards for this.

By participating in the development of the project and keeping the coins from selling, each user creates the most comfortable conditions for themselves to use the liquid EDC coin in business and in everyday life, the supply of which is equal to demand.

Stay with us and stay informed!