Your Coins Can Do More! |

Your Coins Can Do More!

Many investors still do not fully understand the available mechanisms to obtain a larger reward of the capital invested in coins.

When McDonalds founder Ray Kroc asked the students what they thought he was doing, they replied, “Hamburgers”. It was not quite easy for Ray to explain that the true intention of his business was land and real estate.

Sometimes the best moves are not laying on the surface!

Today, the expectation of speculative profits from the coin’s market price appreciation is not the main income item for holders. Perhaps, it has never been so easy and safe to become part of the largest pool, as it can be done now by means of supernode.

Each EDC coin holder has a mechanism that allows them to receive interest accruals for leasing their coins to the supernode, where a large pool of coins is formed.

A huge advantage of the supernode is the automatic mining processes, the proportional bonuses distribution, and the possibility of selecting the duration period of the program. Also, any user can become a holder of a supernode.

Maximum transparency and reliability are guaranteed by LPoS blockchain technology. This consensus algorithm implies the involvement of all users in providing security and protection, which is important both for owners of small wallets and for large investors.