You Still Don't Know About the EDC Blockchain Platform? — Then We Are Waiting for You in Peru! |

You Still Don’t Know About the EDC Blockchain Platform? — Then We Are Waiting for You in Peru!

Tomorrow, on the 15h of August, on the Pacific coast of South America, in the capital of Peru, Lima, the long-awaited major event, a training presentation seminar from the EDC Blockchain team, will be held!

Workshops from the EDC Blockchain team are perhaps the best way to introduce you to the world of digital assets. But the knowledge that participants receive during our presentation seminars will also be useful to experienced professionals in the blockchain field, as our speakers always share information that is difficult to find in open sources!

On August 15, 2019, at the workshop in Lima, the speaker and leader of the EDC Blockchain community in Latin America, Marcel Corbo, will present to the event participants the entire product line of the EDC Blockchain platform and the independent ECROsystem.

Event guests will find out how to receive daily bonuses using the capabilities of the EDC leasing program and will understand how to scale their business by issuing their own cryptocurrency using our coin constructor!

Meeting participants will also learn about the products of the independent ECROsystem, including the information on how to increase their sales turnover and expand customer base by placing their products on the advanced ECRO Marketplace!

We are waiting for you at the seminar in Lima! Together, we are redrawing the boundaries of the digital world!

Speaker: Marcel Corbo

Date: 15/08/2019

Time: 7 am

Address: pasaje Abrahan Valdelomar #124, urb. Villa los angeles, Los Olivos, a espalda de Mi Banco

Telephone for reservation: +51 976650910

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