EDC Blockchain Workshop in Colombia! |

EDC Blockchain Workshop in Colombia!

On July 14, we invite you to attend the presentation of the EDC Blockchain and ECROFund projects in Medellin, Colombia.

Speaker of the event, Ivan Feito, a successful leader of the EDC Blockchain, will introduce the EDC Blockchain platform and conduct comprehensive training thanks to which you can:

  •  Learn how to increase your income by leasing digital assets to EDC!
  •  Learn the strategies of creating your own teams for international business development using the tools of the EDC platform and the ECROFund project!
  •  Understand basic aspects of the crypto industry!
  •  Get to know key markets of the  EDC Blockchain!

 We are waiting for you!

Speaker: Ivan Feito

Date: July 14, 2019

 Time: 2:45 pm

 Address: Barrio Maria Auxiliadora, CAR.29 B-40, Medellin, Colombia

 Booking for free participation: +1 786 4147151 Whatsapp

 Limited number of seats.