Why Entrepreneurs Use EDC Blockchain Services |

Why Entrepreneurs Use EDC Blockchain Services

Such corporations as Microsoft, Rakuten, and AirBaltic have started accepting Bitcoin for payment. So while a millionaire buying an AirBaltic first class ticket can afford to pay a $20 commission, buying a pizza or a cup of coffee with Bitcoin in a small store is simply unprofitable. 

The time required to process a Bitcoin transaction takes from 15 minutes to several days and depends on the size of the commission. Will a small business customer spend a $9 commission on a $4 cup of coffee, or even wait 24 hours for the transfer to complete? 

What if we told you that transactions can be fast and cheap? 

Confirmation of blocks in the EDC blockchain takes up to 2.5 seconds. The process involves validator nodes that transfer data to the blockchain without delay, rewarding validators for the work done. This mechanism allows EDC users to instantly make payments and receive EDC coins to the account within 5 seconds after sending. 

Transaction fees range from 0% to 0.75% and vary depending on the user's activity as well as the number of coins they burned over time to add value to the EDC coin. With a coffee price of $4, the maximum user commission is only 3 cents ($0.03) or 0% if the burning conditions are met. 

There are no established transaction limits on the EDC Blockchain platform. You can send and receive EDC coins from partners, trade on exchanges and conduct transactions using other transaction features, such as anonymous transactions, check codes and red envelopes to increase customer loyalty, without restrictions. 

The EDC Blockchain goal is to provide entrepreneurs with convenient blockchain tools for business and eCommerce applications. By developing your business with EDC Blockchain and expanding points of EDC acceptance, you will provide users with ease of exchange coins for the services in your pastry shops, cafeterias, sushi bars and pizzerias, in return for attracting loyal customers and increasing turnover. 

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