Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? We Launch a Super Contest! |

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? We Launch a Super Contest!

Yeah, you heard right! This is not clickbait!

We are willing to give away 1,000,000 EDC to the winner of our new contest!

The money will go to the creator of the best virtual ECRA assistant prototype!


You know that the online assistant based on the AI technology is going to become one of the coolest features of the ECRO Place. The assistant’s name is ECRA, and ECRA is a girl!

So, we are announcing TWO contests thanks to which you can get awesome prizes!

The conditions are simple:

Contest No. 1 *!

Invent, design and present the complete image of our online female assistant! How do you see ECRA?

Following the outcome of the vote, the creators of the three best prototypes will receive the following prizes from our community:

1st place - 100,000 EDC

2nd place - 60,000 EDC

3rd place - 30,000 EDC

Contest No. 2 *!

Create an animated (40 seconds or longer) video where ECRA and her features are demonstrated through interacting with our global ECRO System! Show your talent and get the incredible main prize from EDC Blockchain – 1,000,000 EDC!!! We can only have one winner in this contest!

We are looking forward to you sharing your creativity! And, perhaps, it is your version of ECRA that will become the official one. Who knows, maybe your version can then make millions of our users happy by serving as the perfect guide to the world of blockchain!

*The minimum number of participants for this contest is 30 people, so to get to the preliminary stage you need to apply for the contest first.

**To apply, please send a request to our support team that is marked “One Million Contest”. As soon as the preliminary stage is over, we will inform you about the official start of the contest! Stay tuned for EDC Blockchain chat messages.

***At the end of the contest, prizes will be credited to the wallets of all four winners!

Good luck!