What Users Get from Burning Coins and Reducing EDC Emission |

What Users Get from Burning Coins and Reducing EDC Emission

In order to increase the value of the EDC coin, the administration of the platform is making an offer to the community participants and partners. Each EDC Blockchain user can take part in the burning of EDC coins, thereby limiting the free circulation of coins in the market and contributing to the creation of a shortage of coins, which is an obvious and guaranteed tool for price growth.

Coin Burn Terms

  • A burner account coin-burner has been created on the EDC Blockchain platform;
  • You can send any number of EDC coins to this account;
  • All coins sent by users to this account will be permanently withdrawn from circulation;
  • The burning mechanism is available to every user at any time. All transactions are transparent and available for checking in Explorer on blockchain.mn.

Purpose of burning coins

By limiting the free circulation of coins in the market, there is a shortage of coins, therefore, when there is a shortage, there is growth. Considering the latest events, many short-term holders started to sell their assets, making a decline in the EDC value and negatively affecting the investment portfolio of partners who have been building our community for a long time. Our goal is to resume the competent consumption of EDC Blockchain resources, increasing the liquidity of the coin by burning and stimulating the demand for the coin.

What do EDC Blockchain participants get

As practice shows, many successful projects use the burning mechanism periodically (for example, Binance burns its BNB tokens quarterly), since the value of the remaining coins increases after the burning. This happens due to the redistribution of the value of the coin in the market considering a reduced number of coins.

  • Token holders receive a profitable asset for the hold with the aim of further growth;
  • Project partners receive a stable resource that everyone needs to fulfil their daily needs;
  • Traders - the ability to exchange coins at the most profitable price;
  • Within the framework of decentralization, the coin burning mechanism will be used to enable users to open their nodes and receive rewards from their work.

EDC Blockchain accepts well thought out suggestions from community participants to increase the ecosystem value and potential of the EDC coin together. Send your suggestions for the development to EDC Blockchain support.