What Awaits EDC Blockchain Users in 2020? |

What Awaits EDC Blockchain Users in 2020?

Heraclitus of Ephesus once said: ‘Everything flows and nothing stays’. A person grows physically and spiritually but it’s the law. The same thing happens with any business, and we are pleased to announce that EDC Blockchain is also expanding.

Today we will talk about important things because we decided to share with you our plans for the future of the EDC Blockchain platform. Moreover, the future is neither ephemeral nor vague - the results below will be achieved by 2020.

So, what awaits the EDC Blockchain platform in 2020?

1) The launch of the EDC Blockchain application for all operating systems. We are already in the process of creating the application in order to make the use of the platform as comfortable as possible. Thus, the growth in demand for the EDC coin due to the scaling of the community will be an important advantage.

2) Creation of a global blockchain aggregator. This is a platform that simplifies the creation of digital assets on any of the existing blockchains, as a result, it will become easier to perform any trading operations with EDC. We have repeatedly stated that we are planning to make EDC the cryptocurrency of the future. Creating a blockchain aggregator is a significant step towards realizing our goal since EDC has a more flexible code.

3) Creation of a new decentralized exchange based on the blockchain with the following main features: convenience, speed, transparency, safety. However, we do not intend to impose our token, as some exchanges do. Our position is different, as we believe that a quality product will certainly find its audience.

4) Creation of a crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain and aimed at attracting investment for projects and startups. For projects, it is an opportunity for the successful launch, while not getting lost among competitors because of the attention of the community platform. For investors, it is an opportunity to make multimillion investments in a split second and without paperwork.

5) Creation of a global p2p marketplace based on the blockchain for the EDC Blockchain community, which will allow you to achieve maximum status and get bonuses within just 1-2 years (You do not need to wait for a decade). The marketplace will also globally expand the EDC Blockchain ecosystem and help increase the demand for a token.

These are only the first 5 of our goals, on which we have already started to work. As you understand, we are focusing on the best exchanges and cryptocurrencies - we take their experience, notice the shortcomings and offer our own solution. Each step we take contributes to scaling users of the platform and enhances the usability of its use.

Dear readers and users of the EDC Blockchain platform, in a separate paragraph, we would like to say: Thank you. Indeed, without your support and faith in our project, we would never have achieved such great results. We are proud of the work we have done, as well as we are also proud of our numerous community users.

Sincerely yours,

EDC Blockchain Team