8144 Welcome the Leader of the EDC Community in Latin America, Daniel Grosso!

Daniel Grosso is the coordinator of EDC Blockchain and the leader of the EDC community in Latin America. He is only 39 and he has already more than 20 years of successful business experience in government and commercial contracts in Venezuela.

Daniel became part of the EDC community in February 2017.

“I realized, that leasing my EDC coins I can get additional bonuses, which cover my monthly expenses.”

Thanks to his business and organizing skills, Daniel Grosso has grown from a crypto enthusiast and platform user to an international leader. Now he is responsible for the development of the EDC community and the fulfilment of the EDC Blockchain mission in Latin America.

The EDC Blockchain team is very grateful to all the international leaders of the EDC community who share the values ​​of the company and allow it to develop the influence around the world!

“I don’t worry about the asset value on the market, I concentrate on the periodic monetization thanks to EDC leasing. This strategy will benefit me until 2040. I invite you to build a simple and transparent business with EDC Blockchain without any technical skills”, Daniel Grosso, leader of the EDC community in Latin America.