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Weekly News Digest

Dear EDC Blockchain users, here is an overview of the project's major technical highlights.

Implementing User Ranks

Our IT specialists are integrating the visual part of the platform with the user rank module. The rank will be calculated taking into account the coins burned by the user. A user may or may not have a rank, depending on their activity.

Transaction fees will change upon reaching a rank, so no fees will be charged when reaching the maximum rank.

The introduction of the rank module will allow users to strive to achieve the highest rank in order to be able to deploy their nodes in the EDC decentralized blockchain and become a validator, receiving a reward for the operation of their node.

Development of a mechanism for the transition to global decentralization

After we have made the decision to switch to a decentralized blockchain in two stages, we are announcing the launch of the first stage. At this point, we started developing a Witness Accounts module that allows users to deploy their own nodes and be able to be added to the list of witness accounts. Witness accounts will validate blocks, providing additional rewards to their owners.

This step is required so that users can configure nodes to validate blocks on their servers. We will also validate the nodes so that users can make decisions about future blockchain changes and updates.

A link with instructions on how to deploy a node will be published for all EDC Blockchain users who have reached Rank 3, who want to become validators and receive rewards for their work.

EDC Blockchain after successful denomination

Two weeks ago, we successfully completed a denomination operation for the EDC coin, as a result of which all market balances were divided by 1000, while the total capitalization remained unchanged. We are seeing positive changes in the development of the project such as:

  • Creating a shortage of coins in the market and increasing demand for a coin. As a result of the denomination, the maximum coin supply was reduced to 100 million coins. 
  • ROI has been increased.

Source: coinmarketcap.com

  • Increasing demand for the coin on exchanges and expanding the list of exchanges offered by users in order to achieve an increase in coin quotes.


  • A project roadmap with an innovative development strategy and tools to increase user loyalty has been published on the site.
  • The functionality of the EDC Blockchain mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as the performance of the web wallet, have been improved for a fast and easy experience.

Thanks for your support! Stay up-to-date with the current events!