Weekly EDC Blockchain Digest: Updates Testing |

Weekly EDC Blockchain Digest: Updates Testing

The EDC Blockchain development team has reached the final testing stage of several convenient and useful features for your mobile EDC wallets! Find out more about these and other platform upgrades in our weekly progress report.

Optimization of cryptocurrency nodes 

Did you know that nodes are involved in confirming transactions on the blockchain network, while the number of nodes increases proportionally to the newly opened wallets?

In order to ensure that the speed of transactions in our network is always high, node performance must be constantly optimized. That's why you can hear from us so often about our optimization work. The performance of our blockchain is really high, while we are committed to preserving it.

Enhancing blockchain network resiliency 

Blockchain is a technology with a continuous generation of new blocks. In the future, the use of a global distributed ledger will be possible not only in the area of transactions and money transfers, but also in the areas of law, copyright, and even presidential elections!

As you can see, the resilience of the network to possible failures affects not only the present but also the future. Therefore, this aspect is under our 24-hour attention.

Improving the performance of the web version of the wallet 

Your web wallet is a full-fledged analog of your bank account. Our goal is to make our users forget about other payment systems after they try to work with our interface.

To do this, we systematically improve two main parameters: security and performance. 

Developing mobile applications for EDC mobile wallet 

With the advent of smartphones, gadgets are no longer just a means of communication or a device for bank SMS commands. This has become an entertainment and global educational channel. 

We want you to stay mainstream even when working with crypto assets! To do this, we perform final testing and debugging of unlocking functionality with the help of FaceID/TouchID! Your wallet will recognize you by your face or fingerprint! Plus, your friends will want the same wallet! 

That's all! See you in a week! The only thing our team can't do is stop! :)  Therefore, we will have something to please you in the next digest!