Weekly EDC Blockchain Digest. New Release for Android! |

Weekly EDC Blockchain Digest. New Release for Android!

Dear friends! Every week we introduce all users to the work of EDC Blockchain technical specialists so that our services and products always bring you useful results!

Mobile EDC wallet

Mobile applications are the most popular way of using EDC wallets among our users, so we strive for the perfect performance of their work. Last week, for Android/iOS wallets, our programmers conducted another round of application testing and bug-fixing.

For the module of anonymous transactions, we carry out manual and automatic testing of the functionality to determine the directions of possible improvements.

The module of forming and receiving check codes for Android. We are now entering the release stage! Wait for the announcement! 

The web version of the EDC wallet

Systematic work on performance improvement and optimization continues. 

Improving wallet performance is a continuous process where we address emerging issues of server space, database synchronization, software upgrades, and transaction security. 

Everything to allow you to access your wallet from a computer at Singapore airport for a short transfer to another flight and to send a red envelope to your friends in Madrid. Or any other place :)

EDC Blockchain platform

Clustering and scaling of the platform backend are being performed. Backend is a server part of the whole user functionality. Every time you access one of the EDC Blockchain products from around the world, your request comes to the backend.

Accordingly, our work is aimed at improving the reliability of the platform and facilitating access to its services from different countries.

That's all! See you in the next digest, where you'll find out how we've closed all the tasks we set for you in November so that you can use the most advanced version of the platform! And these tasks are a lot!

Thank you for choosing EDC Blockchain!