Weekly Digest: FaceID/TouchID login and More Crucial Updates |

Weekly Digest: FaceID/TouchID login and More Crucial Updates

Weekly digest from EDC Blockchain team is here! In this digest, we cover crucial updates and improvements which have been carried out during the last week.

Common optimization plan of EDC Blockchain

Our IT specialists conduct comprehensive improvements to optimize node functionality and increase resiliency of EDC Blockchain. Thanks to this improvement, all users have the opportunity to benefit from using one of the fastest and effective blockchains at the moment. EDC Blockchain allows you to perform up to 100,000 transactions per second on the network with each new block forming within 3 seconds on average. 

Android and iOS apps for EDC wallet

We keep improving the functionality of mobile applications. Last week, we have implemented the function of unlocking via FaceID and TouchID. This will give users more space to increase security level and will make every login more convenient. Besides from that, we’re on the way of optimizing of UI in transfer funds module and apps integration with server of the platform.

Web version of EDC wallet 

We keep optimizing all of the individual components of the wallet to increase response time speed and to improve overall increase of the productivity and effectiveness of its functionality. Thanks to this, you can use all of the services and products of the company and store your EDC as well as exchange it within the platform, without forgetting to mention about daily bonuses from leasing program. You can also create your own token to conduct ad campaigns and expand your audience. You can do all of these things using a convenient and secure multifunctional EDC Blockchain wallet. 

We’re done for today! Join our global community of EDC Blockchain and exert yourself! Make your business thrive with the help of latest blockchain solutions offered on the EDC Blockchain platform!

See you next week!