We Won't Let You Get Bored! |

We Won’t Let You Get Bored!

Dear users! 

We would like to provide you with the latest release of video news about the EDC Blockchain platform and technological components of the ECRO System from the best company's presenter, Katherine!

In this video we will please all Apple owners, as our community has released decentralized EDC wallets for mobile devices for iOS! You will learn where you can download the free EDC Wallet and how to install it on your iPhone or iPad! EDC Wallet will not only allow you to store funds securely but will also provide you with the opportunity to use the leasing service directly from your smartphone!

The ECRO Marketplace has already been introduced to the company's top leaders! The most active community leaders from Latin America, Turkey, Indonesia, and China were the first to learn about the benefits of ECRO at our big meetup in Georgia!

In this issue, Katherine will tell about the super promotion for our leaders, who, like many users, took part in the competition "Try to guess the rate of the EDC coin"! We already know who the winners are among users, watch the video to know when you will learn about the winner among leaders!

Our presenter will also tell about the updates in the ECRO System, explaining at what stage the new developments in the global marketplace are.

In addition, would you like to advise us to add a new product to the ECRO "shelves"? Write a comment under this video - what product or service would you like to see on our marketplace?

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