We Held Successful Networking Events Supported by Hashnet! |

We Held Successful Networking Events Supported by Hashnet!

Dear participants!

We want to inform you that we held a series of productive meetings with strategic partners in South Korea! The meetings were held with the support of the large Korean Hashnet company!

Hashnet is a well-known South Korean cryptocurrency and blockchain media portal. The company organizes blockchain conferences that bring together thousands of investors, entrepreneurs, managers of well-known blockchain projects and international companies from around the world!

EDC Blockchain representatives and Hashnet executives discuss company development prospects in an informal setting!

Hashnet management (Note: CEO — Chang-Nyung Soo) took part in organizing meetings for our team with promising companies that can help us expand our target audience in the Korean market and integrate EDC Blockchain and ECRO System products into their services.

Our managers discussed in detail the strategy for scaling our products in the Korean market with representatives of Etherlab, a company that consults and promotes blockchain projects.

EDC and ECRO top managers Inga and Anastasia with Etherlab CEO.

Another company with which our managers discussed the terms of possible collaboration is Bananatok. This is a messenger with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that is actively developing and gaining popularity in South Korea. The ability to integrate EDC coin into the Bananatok service may be the next step for the growth of our project in the Korean market!

"New partnerships portend big money” is famous folk wisdom!" EDC and ECRO managers with Bananatok and Hashnet representatives.

The EDC Blockchain and ECRO team regularly holds meetings with large and promising companies to expand the partner network. This allows our projects to develop steadily in the blockchain market and offer the community new technological products that provide users and entrepreneurs with additional financing sources and tools for scaling up the business and developing in the digital world!

These are a leasing program for receiving bonuses, a constructor for creating coins for business development, advanced functionality for conducting transactions and a global ecosystem for the interaction between entrepreneurs and customers and building their communication!

Thanks to the Hashnet support, our projects get the opportunity to develop and find more new partners, while Asian users gain access to our products and services!

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