Turkish Media on the Capabilities of the EDC Blockchain Platform |

Turkish Media on the Capabilities of the EDC Blockchain Platform

UZMANCOIN, a popular Turkish online blockchain magazine, has published a review article analyzing the rapid development of the EDC Blockchain platform in many countries of South Asia, Latin America and Europe, as well as in Turkey.

According to Uzmancoin analysts, the increasing popularity of EDC products lies in the so-called ‘community philosophy’ chosen for the project.

This approach helps the company bring together entrepreneurs and consumers: those owning small and medium-sized businesses receive additional blockchain-based tools for developing and scaling up their businesses, while users get the opportunity to easily and quickly manage their assets and receive bonuses for leasing them. In the future, these bonuses can be easily exchanged for goods, training products or additional services.

More and more people all over the world, in particular, Turkey are using the bonus utility coin EDC (Every Day Coin). As of today, more than 1.3 million wallets from 57 countries are registered in the EDC Blockchain system!

Thanks to the response from specialized publications, it will be much easier for people to understand and adapt to the conditions of the digital economy.

After all, blockchain is only complex from the technological point of view. And we, people working at the EDC Blockchain company, are doing our best to encourage others to use all the benefits which this area provides, such as security, transaction speed and the ability to promote your business.

To learn more, read the “Our Future with EDC Blockchain Coin” article in Turkish on uzmancoin.com.