TOP 5 Reasons Why Users Choose the EDC Blockchain Platform |

TOP 5 Reasons Why Users Choose the EDC Blockchain Platform

The main platform tool and fuel for the entire EDC Blockchain ecosystem is the EDC coin. The coin is the internal currency of the project which provides our users with access to all the services offered by the EDC Blockchain platform.

The most significant feature of the platform, which makes it more advanced compared to other platforms, is the innovative coin constructor based on the blockchain technology. The EDC coin constructor provides the ability to create your own token or a full-fledged cryptocurrency based on the PoS algorithm without having to pay for services of a team of programmers and complex technical equipment.

Creating your own token allows you to scale any medium or small business and open up prospects for finding new customers and building their loyalty. What’s more, the support of the vast community that has been forming around the project over the years will contribute to development of every user’s business!

But that's not all! When working with the EDC Blockchain platform, you can also rely on large-scale advertising and marketing campaigns for your project, and you can also list your token on the world exchanges that our project has partnered up with! All these tools will help every platform member to reach a fundamentally new level of development together with EDC Blockchain!

Speaking of the advantages of the EDC platform, it’s important to mention coin leasing. When you lease your EDC coins to masternodes directly in your wallet, you get daily bonuses depending on your contribution. Any user can benefit from that because, in order to lease your coins, you only need to have 30,000 EDC in your account - it’s as simple as that.

But wait, the EDC platform has even more competitive advantages! The self-sufficient Ecrosystem based on the EDC blockchain, which brings real businesses, users and investors from all over the world together, is another distinctive feature that gives the platform a competitive edge and makes it unique.

So, let's summarize the main advantages of the EDC Blockchain platform: it allows for the fastest transactions with a near-zero commission, which is achieved through the use of the latest blockchain technologies; any project is supported by our large community; you can earn a passive income due to the ability to lease funds; and finally, you are guaranteed security of your funds through the use of technical innovations!

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