Tokenization of Projects: How to Increase Business Capital? |

Tokenization of Projects: How to Increase Business Capital?

On the Internet, open sources say that business tokenization is both an expensive and not beneficial thing. In addition to the invested amount of money and time, a team of programmers will be indeed required, while there is only a handful of people in the world who are really blockchain and smart contracts specialists. Thus, the first association that comes to mind when speaking about “tokenization” is ICO scams and dead coins.

But let's find out if this is true.

What Is Tokenization?

Tokenization is the process of taking a business to a new level, as well as technology that allows you to secure electronic payments using data encryption system. This process makes payments and financial transactions highly secure and facilitates contactless payment methods for any type of business.

Tokenization is also a complex of financial opportunities for any projects.

Why Do You Need to Tokenize Your Business? Particular Facts  

The main advantage of tokenization of business is the capital increase. As a result, there is an increase in business opportunities, as you can create branches or increase the internal productivity of your enterprise.

Simplifying and speeding up the trading process is an important advantage. Forget about complex and time-taking operations when making it via any bank - all you need to know is the email address of your crypto wallet which you can replenish through the ATMs, send funds using just a credit card or payment services.

Sounds good? In addition, there will be no lenders, mortgages and the conditions imposed by the bank. Tokenization gives you the freedom to exchange money, shares, property, and other assets without intermediaries. Any trade operations are performed only between the buyer and the seller.

Blockchain technology provides security of storage and transfer of funds, the purpose of which also ensures secure and confidential operations.

In general, tokenization is a way to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, many business owners do not trust this process because of simple ignorance and erroneous judgments. But let us see: global tokenization is just a matter of time.

The only question is who will be among the first.

Important Point of Tokenization

You can tokenize your business on the basis of various cryptocurrencies and platforms.

There is one important point though: each cryptocurrency has its limitations, so often such a situation occurs when the owner switches their business to an inefficient token.

How to avoid this situation? Read below.

Opportunities Provided by the EDC Blockchain Platform

To date, the EDC Blockchain platform is the most effective option for the tokenization of your business. But why?

A constructor of coins is integrated into the EDC Blockchain platform. In other words, you can create a token by a request and implement your project: it can be either a simple token for a small turnover or a full-fledged cryptocurrency with advanced features which is based on the LPoS mining algorithm. All assets based on EDC Blockchain can be traded or stored on an ongoing basis.

Using the constructor of coins, you will no longer need to hire specialists, install equipment, or waste your time. A special code will safely protect your digital assets, while investors will have free access to the currency using a “client” and wallet.

The platform has an easy and convenient interface. The program will do everything possible even complex programming. You just need to set the user settings, and start working!

As a Nice Bonus...

EDC Blockchain will help you with listing on global partner exchanges, as well as it will provide marketing support for your project. For the convenience of interacting with the platform, you can choose one of three packages for creating cryptocurrency, depending on your budget and task: Basic, Plus or Premium.

- Basic. You can create a coin, give it a symbol and description. The characteristics preset in this package make it possible to create a nominal token or a token for a small turnover.

- Plus. You have the opportunity to change the number of issued coins and premine, as well as to set the characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol and description.

- Premium. You have the opportunity to fully configure all the characteristics of the coin based on the LPoS mining algorithm, as well as to set all the necessary parameters!

What Benefits Can You Get?

Any business is subject to tokenization, regardless of its scale. Due to this, an increase in capital occurs, while trade operations are simplified and intermediaries are excluded. The tokenization process is modern breathing for your business, which has a number of advantages.

To date, the EDC Blockchain platform is one of the best solutions for business tokenization thanks to the integrated constructor of coins. You can create your own token by a request, thereby, without adjusting to the limitations of the existing cryptocurrency. Thus, the main advantage of constructor is saving money and time investments.

You can start creating a token based on the EDC Blockchain and check the advantages of what the platform is offering!