To All EDC Community Members |

To All EDC Community Members

Recently, many changes have been made in the system, which has led to a difficult situation in the market and in the community. And the sad thing is that this all coincided with the economic situation throughout the world. Most people around the world are now facing difficult times and sometimes they are not up to the development of any project, but first of all, they are worried about maintaining stability in the family and well-being in their home. Many people are experiencing a severe shock. Someone has lost their jobs, someone has lost their assets, while someone has lost their entire business and it is not yet clear when it is possible to return to a normal stable life and compensate for the losses. For our part, we acknowledge that many changes were made by us at the wrong time and in a hurry and would like to change the existing situation and put everything in order.

We are not looking for investments and our activity is not about selling coins or attracting investments, therefore we do not persuade anyone to buy or sell coins or tokens — everyone is responsible for their actions, and our activity is the development of the blockchain tools for entrepreneurs. The tools that will provide the opportunity to create your personal loyalty programs and build your community of consumers. We provide tools for a partner program, where on the basis of leasing bonus rewards there should be an expansion of the community, which will represent a huge internal market for goods turnover, where everyone can find a buyer for their product or service, investors in their own business, and maybe into their personal brand. We are building a self-sufficient ecosystem, where everyone satisfies their needs and develops personally! We are the builders of our personal domestic economy!

Realizing our hasty actions in terms of changes, we want to apologize to all of you and try to improve the situation in the following actions:

1. EDC coin trading on exchanges will be resumed. We will provide a list of exchanges with EDC/BTC trading pair, as well as listing terms later, please be patient.

2. At the moment, the 1:10 EDC-20/EDC exchange ratio in the wallet will be resumed. When exchanging coins for tokens, coins will also be burned. This exchange will be activated on 29.04.2020. We remind you that the volume of tokens for exchange is provided at the expense of other users who exchange tokens for coins. After the opening of EDC coin trading on the exchanges, works to untie the 1:10 rate will be performed.

3. An experiment based on many requests from community leaders to fix the coin exchange rate has failed. Therefore, EDC coin will be untied from a fixed rate of 1 cent on our resources. Now the community itself will decide its value. We can only give the recommendation to preserve the coin value We hope we will return to the possibility of fixing the value of the EDC coin, so that the community will be able to fix the price of their goods and services, providing them at the marketplace, as well as fix their share in certain projects.

4. At the launch of the Crocobit exchange, an EDC/EDC-20 trading pair will be added. We expect the launch in June-July 2020.

5. Several different masternodes will appear. Each team of partners, as well as partner projects, will be able to form their masternode with their own leasing terms.

6. Each team of partners will independently develop their affiliate program, prepare advertising materials, and conduct their promotions.

7. EDC-20 token will remain an exchange instrument and continue the path of listing on other exchanges, attracting more community participants and traders. Its value will be in its fixed limited quantity, and that it will also be burned in exchange for certain services created by the company. Information on the token use will be necessary further expanded.

We ask you not to panic, as well as not to spread false information.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience!

Best regards,

EDC Blockchain Team