These Events Cannot Be Missed in Venezuela! |

These Events Cannot Be Missed in Venezuela!

On February 15 in the beautiful city of Merida, Venezuela, there will be a conference for all members of the EDC Blockchain community and you will be able to get valuable knowledge about the application of the EDC bonus coin and other platform tools that were created to help develop your business and get an additional income!

The conference is free for all participants, but don't forget to register half an hour before the event!  

Detailed information: 
Time: 4 pm
Address: Mucuchies Merida, Venezuela, Los Muros de Tadeo
WhatsApp for registration: +58 4121054512; +58 4121952020

The next day, February 16, you will have the opportunity to take part in a grand mountain bike race!

The eighteen-kilometer race is held in Merida for the third time and is dedicated to the memory of Simón Bolívar, the national hero of Venezuela.

The BBC calls Simón Bolívar the most outstanding man of the 19th century! In his 123,000 km liberation quest (more than Columbus and Vasco Da Gama drove together!) he took part in 472 battles and freed six nations from the oppression of colonists in South America!

More than 1000 people will participate in the race full of adrenaline and positive emotions! 

EDC Blockchain is a partner of the Venezuela Bikeandrun organization, which organizes sports events all over Latin America. Presumably, starting from March 2020 you can pay for its services with EDC coins!

The EDC Blockchain platform is gaining popularity around the world, as EDC coins are becoming more applicable each day!

With the EDC bonus coin, you can pay for goods and services, get daily bonuses on your wallet, as well as carry out loyalty campaigns for your customers!

Thanks to all the features of the coin, the number of EDC cases is constantly increasing, while the EDC Blockchain community is actively growing and already exceeds 1.2 million registered accounts.

On February 15 and 16, at the EDC Blockchain conference and historic bicycle race in Merida, we are waiting for those who, like us, support a healthy lifestyle and want to develop innovative digital technologies!