9388 The Leader of the Turkish EDC Blockchain Community: Start Trading EDC on the Filorex Exchange

Dear users!

In early April of this year, EDC cryptocurrency has been listed on the popular Turkish exchange, Filorex, as reported by the leader of the Turkish community, Tekin Ozbelli, on his Instagram.

Now users of the exchange are able to trade, exchange and buy EDC cryptocurrency rightafter registration on the official crypto exchange website: www.filorex.com.

The listing decision is explained by the growing demand for EDC digital currency. As it is known, the EDC Blockchain platform is gaining popularity in Turkey, as the Turkish community has responded positively and supported updates carried out in the system, including the launch of the masternode and the transition to the new LPoS mining algorithm.

As always, we are happy to share with you such great news! You can register for your account on the exchange at the link and gain more profit with EDC!