The Key to the World of Blockchain and Business |

The Key to the World of Blockchain and Business

Time of information and speed

"Three eras of currencies: commodity-based, government-based, and math-based", said Chris Dixon, co-founder of the "Hunch" online recommendation service when he explained to the general public the main feature of Blockchain technology. Everyone has heard about blockchain, but not everyone understands how it works and how it can be applied in the real economy.

In the meantime, the large industrial enterprises often have much lower capitalization than some digital corporations: there are two marketplaces in the global TOP-10, Amazon and Alibaba, Warren Buffett's investment holding, and Facebook, which does not even produce its own content.

And hundreds of billions of dollars cryptocurrency market capitalization is a separate niche that all manufacturers of goods and services dream of getting into.

How to begin?

What steps should a company take to keep up with the times and be part of the blockchain industry? Where to get the professional staff of programmers and marketers with successful experience in ICO, how to provide financing, the necessary technological and server capabilities? What should be a development strategy? How to get the support of media and opinion leaders?

The EDC Blockchain platform makes it possible to simplify these tasks to the level of such simple things as, for example, making your own website or starting to sell goods on the Internet!

With the EDC Blockchain coin constructor, an entrepreneur only needs to choose one of three packages and make a couple of clicks, therefore, he becomes the owner and creator of either a bonus or exchange token or premium cryptocurrency with a PoS mining algorithm and wide functionality for developing your business.

Package offers

The “Basic”, “Plus”, and “Premium” packages differ in cost, available characteristics for setting up the token, and a number of features that fit best for your project. You can choose the needed package based on the goals that you set for yourself.

"Basic" package. The solution with the most necessary set of features. It provides the user with the ability to customize the name, symbol, and description of the new coin. The remaining characteristics of the new token are predefined. This package is the best choice for creating a token for a small turnover.

“Plus” package. In this package, there is a setting for issue and pre-mine, the number of tokens issued during the creation process. The “Plus” package is suitable for entrepreneurs and small companies, which work necessitates the creation of their own coins.

“Premium” package. The most functional proposal for the formation of a full-fledged cryptocurrency with the possibility of PoS algorithm mining. You can configure the size and percentage of the daily bonus, maturing, maturing bonus accounts, the size of the required payment, as well as all the features included in previous packages.

Why business needs a token

Tokens and cryptocurrencies are not the same things. The main distinguishing features of tokens are centralization, the ability to manage one specific organization, and the absence of the need for your own blockchain. The price of the token is formed not by the laws of supply and demand, but by the issuer's rules.

An entity issuing its own token can:

increase the customer base through the implementation of gift certificates and bonus promotions using code-packages and “red envelopes”;

Expand the business geography thanks to project’s informational support and the international community different countries of the world;

Raise customer loyalty through various loyalty and cashback programs;

Generate additional liquidity thanks to the possibility of token listing on  EDC Blockchain partner exchanges;

Accelerate sales due to lack of contact with physical assets;

Avoid unnecessary middlemen through the use of blockchain technology;

Make the business more convenient and attractive to customers through mobile applications.

Blockchain offers manufacturers and entrepreneurs many competitive advantages, that can not be provided by outdated technologies and approaches.

And most importantly, everyone can take advantage of these opportunities due to the simplicity and ease of use of the EDC Blockchain coin constructor!

The economy will never be the same. Tokenization of small and medium-sized businesses is technological, convenient, and beneficial.