The Historic Center of Turkey Bolu Meets EDC Blockchain! |

The Historic Center of Turkey Bolu Meets EDC Blockchain!

On June 19, 2019, the EDC Blockchain team will present their ECROFund project in Bolu, Turkey.

Bolu is known for its centuries-old history and intellectual heritage. We are sure that this region will support the development of raising crypto-trend and we will soon introduce new successful partners of the EDC community.

EDC community leader Ali Aslan is known for his deep knowledge of all blockchain technology aspects

Professional investors, crypto-traders and a number of EDC partners successfully operating in the Middle East are planning to attend the event.

Despite its virtuality, the blockchain market is shifting to the real sector of the global economy. You will find out how our project works and what advantages the EDC blockchain offers. Also you will get acquainted with our priority project ECROFund and most importantly — you will be able to become a part of our community.

At the end of the event participants will have answers to all their questions and get acquainted with the EDC representatives, discovering the TOP business line in 2019.

We are waiting for you!


  • Ali Aslan,
  • Kostiuk Vitaliy,
  • Saveliev Alex.

Event start: 19:00

Address: Bolu, Köroğlu Otel