The Future with EDC Blockchain |

The Future with EDC Blockchain

There is a certain philosophy behind every noteworthy blockchain project. For example, Ethereum is designed to create decentralized online services based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Waves is a platform for cryptographic tokens and crowdfunding campaigns. The EOS project has developed a platform for mobile application development.

EDC Blockchain follows the philosophy of its "community" in its development. Behind the online wallets and transactions, there are always real people, so the project team aims to create conditions that would satisfy all the needs and ambitions of all people on the planet so that everyone could provide the most comfortable life and realize all their potential.  This is the main approach to the development of all our products and special offers.

A coin for every day   

The key tool of the EDC Blockchain platform is the EDC (Every Day Coin). EDC is a daily coin that provides access to all EDC Blockchain products and even allows you to receive daily coin leasing rewards.

Importantly, the EDC coin continues to gain popularity among users around the world. The number of serious crypto exchanges where EDC can be freely bought or sold is growing. Now EDC is traded on 10+ popular and liquid exchanges. 

In 2019, the EDC coin has been listed on several international exchanges, including, the first cryptocurrency exchange officially registered in Chile,, and As a reminder, is the rebranding of China's largest exchange platform, BTCCHINA, which confirms the high potential of the EDC coin and EDC Blockchain platform, in particular.

In addition, you can freely exchange the EDC coin on other well-known platforms, such as IDAX, DigiFinex, Bit-Z, Coinbene. A complete list of exchanges is available here.

EDC refers to utility tokens. The market price of the coin is formed in accordance with the laws of supply and demand. The combustion mechanism maintains a natural shortage of coins in circulation and high liquidity.

The total issue of EDC is limited to 100 billion coins. According to CoinMarketCap, 2.67 billion EDC coins are in free circulation at the time of writing.

Growth in demand for the EDC coin, as well as an increase in the number of active members of our community, in turn, will further increase the liquidity of the EDC.

Daily bonuses 

EDC Blockchain uses the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm, which is an improved version of Proof-of-Stake. As part of LPoS, a large node (masternode) can rent a certain number of coins from other owners. Bonuses from the formation of each new block are distributed among all participants, regardless of their stake.

The leasing functionality allows users to transfer coins to the masternode for a selected period of time and receive daily bonuses set by the system. The longer the period, the more bonuses you get. At the end of the lease term, the amount of the leased coins is returned to the balance sheet. The user can enable or disable the automatic renewal of the lease function in their wallet.

It is very easy to use the leasing service. You should do the following:

  • Download and install your own EDC wallet;
  • Purchase at least 30,000 EDC through any convenient exchange;
  • Choose "Leasing" in your wallet;
  • Choose the desired amount, lease term, and one of the masternodes;
  • Click the "Lease" button;
  • Get bonuses every day!

The purchasing power of EDC

The full potential of the coin will be demonstrated in the multifunctional ECRO blockchain marketplace, where EDC can be freely exchanged for any goods and services.

Opportunities provided by ECRO increase the number of verified vendors on the site which makes the variety of products even wider, while the quality of goods - higher.

ECRO Marketplace will provide users with tools that will help them to pay for purchases in seconds. As the number of users on the marketplace grows, there will be a growing demand for EDC coins, which will be one of the currencies to exchange for goods and services. This means that the market value of the coin will also increase.

It is important that the financial risks of EDC transactions are reduced to zero because the security of all operations on the platform is guaranteed by the Graphene protocol.

How to create a wallet? 

You can download your free EDC wallet in the "Wallets" section on the EDC Blockchain official website.

Choose the WEB version or install the wallet on any Android or iOS device:

In each of the versions, you will be able to use all the functionality not only for transactions but also the ability to manage the leasing service, as well as the latest technologies for transfers, such as "code package", "red envelope" and "anonymous transactions".

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