Terms for Leasing Deposits in the Ecro-fund Masternode |

Terms for Leasing Deposits in the Ecro-fund Masternode

To start using the EDC Blockchain leasing function and getting daily rewards, you need to select an available masternode for leasing coins. Currently, you can choose from masternodes of partnership projects: ecro-fund and bitz-masternode.

The terms of use for the ecro-fund masternode are as follows:

The maximum deposit in the ecro-fund masternode is 15 billion EDC. You can continue to lease your coins to the ecro-fund masternode until this limit is reached.

You can also lease your coins to a masternode of the Bit-z partner exchange! To do this you need to select the masternode in your personal EDC Blockchain wallet in the "Leasing" section and lease your coins to get even more rewards!

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For our partners, the option to purchase and launch your own masternodes will be available! Become our partner and get bonuses from user`s deposits! Follow the news!

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