Support Our Project and Get EDC Cashback! |

Support Our Project and Get EDC Cashback!

To all EDC Blockchain partners, users and new participants!

In order to increase the rate, as well as the popularity of the EDC coin, it was decided to list the coin on liquid exchanges offered by the community. Due to this, EDC Blockchain provides a function that allows to accept voluntary donations necessary to configure all the processes for integrating the EDC coin on exchanges.

You can send donation in any amount in Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency to the official EDC Blockchain wallet:


We strongly recommend that you verify your address before sending funds. EDC Blockchain is not responsible for the loss of user funds sent to the incorrect address.

Due to the transition of the project to a decentralized blockchain, all transaction information will be available to public. Each user will be able to control the transparency and reliability of all operations on the platform. 

How to get bonus reward for donation

All users who donated to EDC Blockchain are encouraged by the team and receive 100% cashback of the amount in the EDC coin. You will receive your reward in the form of a “check code” to your Telegram account. To do this, send the donation transaction ID to EDC Blockchain support team.

To unpack the “check code” and receive coins, enter your EDC wallet, select “Receive”, select “Checks”, enter the received code in the special field and click “Apply code”. Coins will appear on your balance sheet.

Top exchanges offered for listing

1. Bithumb

2. KuCoin

3. Hotbit

4. Huobi


6. Coinbase

7. SouthXchange


9. Bittrex


11. Bitfinex

12. Sistemkoin

13. Kraken

14. CoinBene



17. Koineks

18. Btctürk

19. Bitexen

This list of exchanges is subject to change, according to listing offers from exchanges, at the discretion of the community. We are ready to consider your offers for listing EDC coins on other liquid exchanges.

Integration of the EDC coin will begin after a sufficient amount of funds has been collected for this and all conditions from exchanges are met.

The listing price is indicated by a certain exchange; no additional fees are charged on the EDC Blockchain platform. All funds will be used exclusively for listing on the presented exchanges.

We thank everyone who takes part in the development of the EDC Blockchain project, offers solutions and recommendations, as well as makes donations. In the framework of decentralization, we will be able to build a stable, open and successful platform for each participant! If you don’t have an EDC Blockchain wallet yet, register here and start receiving bonuses!

Be with us!