SUPER Promotion Starts on IDAX: Double Bonuses and a Large Amount of EDC! |

SUPER Promotion Starts on IDAX: Double Bonuses and a Large Amount of EDC!

Dear friends, we are launching a SUPER promotion on the IDAX exchange!

Date: May 17, 12 am - June 27, 11:59 pm (UTC + 8)

Terms of participation in the promotion are as follows:

Promo 1: Participate and Receive Gifts

Date: May 17, 12 am - June 5, 11:59 pm (UTC + 8)

1. Verify your trading account on the exchange

2. Your purchase amount during the promotion should be more than 200,000 EDC. Withdrawals and deposits on the exchange, as well as conducting transactions using only your account, are not taken into account

3. You should keep funds in your account on the exchange for at least 11 days

Participants who fulfill these conditions after the end of the promotion will receive the following prizes:

1. + 5% of the net volume of EDC purchases

2. The opportunity to participate in the LOTTERY which will take place from June 20 - June 27, 2019!

*Users who purchased EDC one of the first will receive a reward one of the first. The total prize fund is 10,000,000 EDC; When the entire amount of the prize fund is distributed, the promotion will end.

Promo 2: Lottery

Date: June 23, 12 am - June 27, 11 pm (UTC + 8)

1. By June 23, 2019, participants who have verified their account on the exchange and fulfilled the conditions of the Promo 1, will receive an email from IDAX to participate in the lottery.

2. Please check your email occasionally that was used when registering for IDAX, follow the link to the lottery page, as well as enter the IDAX email address.

After checking you can take part in the drawing the following prizes:

TOP-1        MacBook PRO

TOP 2-3     iPhone Max

TOP 4-10   PowerBank

* If you win a prize, you should contact the EDC support on Telegram: @edc_support. All the prizes can be exchanged for an equivalent amount of USDT.

* Participants who have not won a prize in the lottery can receive a Sunshine Award, therefore, each user will receive 1,000 EDC.

* Both IDAX and EDC are not legally responsible in the following cases:
Your e-mail is incorrect;
Errors in other filled materials are observed;
The participant doesn’t contact the official EDC support service, which means that it is impossible to distribute prizes.

* The EDC project reserves the right to final interpretation of the conditions of the promotion.

Attention! After completing the promotion and crediting your account, you can lease the amount, i.e, more than 200,000 EDC which you have kept on the exchange for 11 days, for a period of 6 or 12 months, and receive additional bonuses of + 5% of the leased deposit amount.

Read the official announcement on, participate in the promotion and receive even more EDC!