SUPER PROMOTION! Get EDC Coins for Free! |

SUPER PROMOTION! Get EDC Coins for Free!

Now it is so easy to get free EDC!

Especially for our dear users from China who love EDC Blockchain, we are holding a unique and affordable promotion! Each of us loves to receive gifts! And we love to give you them very much!

All you need to get EDC coins as a gift is to share inspirational news on EDC and ECROFund with your friends.

 Terms are very simple:

  1.  Post any official EDC Blockchain or ECROFund news to your WeChat or Weibo account.
  2. Get maximum likes.
  3. Exchange likes for EDC!
  • If your post gets 50-100 likes we will give you 88 EDC!
  • 100-200 likes - 288 EDC!
  •  More than 200 likes - 388 EDC for free!

For users of the Weibo microblogging service, we offer bonus EDCs for reposts of the news on EDC and ECRO:

  • If your message gets from 10 to 20 reposts, you will receive a gift of 66 EDC!
  • 20 - 50 reposts will bring you 166 EDC!
  • Over 50 reposts - 266 EDC!

Promotion lasts from July 1 to July 17, 2019!

For more details of the promotion, please contact our support on WeChat: hitmonlee4.

Good luck!

Your team, EDC Blockchain