Results and Development Prospects of EDC Blockchain |

Results and Development Prospects of EDC Blockchain

Hello everybody, today our community celebrates 2 years since the launch of EDC Blockchain, a multifunctional platform for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business development. 

During this year, a number of works was carried out aimed at strengthening the position of both the EDC Blockchain project and the EDC coin in the market and in everyday life, while new blockchain tools were developed for users. Let's summarize.


The EDC Blockchain platform has switched to a decentralized blockchain, where users can become witnesses and deploy their nodes. Witnesses support the operation of the blockchain and receive rewards for the operation of their nodes, as well as the fee interest charged for transactions performed in the system. 

Reduced commission

Ranks have been added to the EDC Blockchain wallet. Upon reaching a certain rank, transaction fees are reduced. Having reached the Rank 3, you gain access to the creation of a witness node.

Burning coins 

A coin-burner account is created. All coins sent to this account are irrevocably removed from circulation to create a coin shortage and increase the demand for the coin. Over 8 billion coins have been burned by users.

Coin listing 

EDC coin started to be available for trading at Bit-Z, STEX, Digifinex, P2PB2B, Exrates, and Coinbene. The coin price has been increased this week thanks to community support. 

Source: Coinmarketcap. 

The growth of the coin is determined by the users’ behavior: the more coins are held or staked, the higher the price of a coin on the market.

Staking Rewards 

All users have the opportunity to stake their coins and receive daily rewards for their deposits. The advantage of staking is that you do not need to use expensive equipment to mine new coins and you do not pay additional commissions for using. Therefore, the deposited coins are returned to your balance after the expiration of the staking period. 

Go to your EDC Blockchain wallet, select “Staking”, click “Stake” and start getting your reward. There must be the required amount of coins on your balance.


Apps for Apple and Android 

The EDC Blockchain wallet has been released on Google Play and AppStore. All EDC Blockchain operations are now available in one application! The wallets have been updated, including the addition of a 2FA protective function, ranks and a commission calculation module. 


To stimulate support for the project, an EDC coin denomination operation was carried out, while a global update of the software of the blockchain nodes was made. As a result, all balances in the market, including the total supply, have been divided by 1 000.

Community growth 

A number of conferences and training events were held for the EDC Blockchain community members in Latin America, Indonesia, Turkey and China. New users have joined our community resulting in the increase in the number of wallets to 1,335,803 million. 

In Q1 2020, our speakers conducted over 30 free webinars to raise awareness among users in the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and online trading. More than 7,000 users actively use EDC Blockchain services and tools in entrepreneurship, receive staking rewards and use the EDC coin as payment for goods and services within the community.


EDC Blockchain representatives took part in international conferences in South Korea, such as Hashnet Blockchain Conference and WBS MARVELS, in order to popularize the project. As a result, partnerships with South Korean blockchain companies were established and a memorandum of cooperation with the head of WBS Marvels, Bong Kyu Park, was signed to implement joint projects in the blockchain field.

Distribution of coins 

A number of large airdrops were carried out together with the Bit-Z, Bitribe, Digifinex and XT exchanges. The distribution of coins on the partner exchange Bit-Z accounted for 5 million EDC coins. As part of the coin distribution, a few AMA events were held with representatives of the Bit-Z and Bitribe exchanges.

Bulletin board 

A free bulletin board has been launched, where users from all over the world exchange EDC coins for different goods and services.

What are the prospects? 

The EDC Blockchain community members are preparing for the launch of a partner project ECRO Marketplace, an online trading platform for sellers and buyers of goods and services. Sellers can easily create a store page on the marketplace, add products and accept orders, while buyers can purchase goods and services with EDC coins from different sellers around the world.

EDC Auction is a project that will be presented to users as an additional opportunity to apply the EDC coin. By exchanging coins for the project's internal units (bids), users will be able to place bids on different lots and redeem goods at minimal prices or receive a refund in EDC coins.

A partner program will be added to the EDC Blockchain wallet, thanks to which you can increase your bonuses by inviting new members. 

Thank you all for staying with us, being active and participating in supporting the project! We will strive to ensure that our results justify all efforts, while the rewards for all users will only increase! 

Stay updated!

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