Real Estate for EDC Coins? Yes, It's Possible! |

Real Estate for EDC Coins? Yes, It’s Possible!

Purchasing goods with EDC coins is gradually becoming easier for users of the EDC Blockchain platform. Thus, you can buy various essential goods, products, household appliances and all kinds of gadgets for our coin.

But this a large-scale event has happened for the first time: an EDC Blockchain user from the Indian city of Asansol has recently bought real estate for EDC coins!

According to the buyer, he has been using the products based on the EDC Blockchain platform for a long time and proudly declares that he has been the holder of EDC for more than 2.5 years.

The house purchased for EDC coins. “The result was definitely worth waiting!” - The lucky owner of a spacious comfortable home in Asansol admits.

Asansol is one of the hundred cities in the world with the fastest pace of urban infrastructure development, while Indian residents have a high demand of EDC Blockchain products, dynamically developing our community.

The number of EDC use-cases is constantly increasing, as well as the range of goods and services that can be purchased for this coin. What recently seemed like a pipe dream is now becoming a reality thanks to the efforts of the international EDC Blockchain team!

Buying real estate for EDC coins is another big step towards building a global exchange of goods and services based on the EDC Blockchain platform!

With such rapid progress of our project, we are sure that shortly our users will be able to buy absolutely everything for EDC coins - from a personal car to a luxury yacht or ... even a flight to the moon!

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