Q&A: Creating Tokens on the EDC Blockchain, Packages, and Mining |

Q&A: Creating Tokens on the EDC Blockchain, Packages, and Mining

The Q&A on “Everything you want to know about EDC Blockchain” continues! This time we will answer common user questions about the coin constructor and creating tokens on the EDC blockchain. 

How can I create my own coin using the coin constructor? 

1. Open the "Coin Constructor" section in your personal EDC wallet https://wallet.blockchain.mn/asset_constructor 

2. Choose any of the three packages: Basic, Plus or Premium, depending on the features your token will have. 

3. Specify all the required characteristics and click "Create coin". 

4. Your coin will be added to the list of coins created on the EDC blockchain in the EDC Blockchain mobile application so that other participants can also make transfers. You can add any coins to your favorites for your convenience. 

What is the difference between Basic, Plus or Premium packages for creating coins? 

Each entrepreneur can create their own coin using the constructor – from a simple token for a low-turnover business to a full-fledged cryptocurrency with advanced features, therefore, in accordance with this, choose a package with the necessary characteristics. 

Basic Package. It allows you to create a coin, give it a symbol and provide it with description. The characteristics present in this package make it possible to create a nominal token or a token for a small turnover.

Plus Package. It gives you the opportunity to change the issue of coins, premine, as well as to set the characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol and description.

Premium Package. Allows you to create a full-fledged cryptocurrency based on the PoS mining algorithm, fully configure all characteristics, and also set all the necessary parameters. This is an advanced solution for more serious projects.

What do you need to activate mining? What is the minimum transaction amount? 

Mining on the platform only works for tokens created using the constructor. The Orange wallet is currently open, so receiving mining is valid in it. Green wallet was opened for a certain amount of time and ended the current mining session (as an example, the wallet was disconnected from the network due to the loss of connection to the Internet). 

I want to delete my wallet. How can I do it? 

It is impossible to delete the wallet. 

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