Expert and Leader of the EDC Community in Nigeria, Arolahun Adekunle! |
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Expert and Leader of the EDC Community in Nigeria, Arolahun Adekunle!

Arolahun Adekunle is our project coordinator in Nigeria and an active member of the EDC Blockchain community in Africa. For two decades he has successfully run his own online business being an experienced teambuilder. His organizational and leadership qualities have helped him to succeed and earn the respect of the entire EDC community.

“The benefits of using supernode for EDC coin owners are obvious and guarantee complete stability and independence. By leasing their coins, users can receive a reward proportionally to their initial contribution."

Another product of the platform, the EDC Blockchain multi-level affiliate program, also provides an opportunity to receive additional bonuses and to evolve in blockchain technologies area to many users around the world without having complex technical skills.

“I am proud of the EDC Blockchain project, and together with my team in Africa and beyond we will do everything possible to support and develop it.” Arolahun Adekunle, an active participant and leader of the EDC community in Nigeria

EDC Blockchain management would like to thank Arolahun and all the international leaders of our growing community. We are sure that together we will make a qualitative transition to innovative technologies and raise the living standard of people all around the world!