Promo Starts on Bit-Z with a Prize Pool of 5 Million EDC! |

Promo Starts on Bit-Z with a Prize Pool of 5 Million EDC!

Dear participants,

Starting June 15, 2020, you can trade EDC coins on the Bit-Z partnership crypto exchange and win extra bonus coins! In total, 5 million EDC coins will be drawn between the participants.

Terms and conditions:

1. The event takes place in 4 stages, each of which will last 7 days. At each stage, a bonus prize with a face value of 1,250,000 EDC coins will be drawn.

2. Any participant whose trading turnover is from 80,000 EDC at one stage (within 7 days), and who has passed Level 2 certification on the exchange, can receive  400 EDC - 10,000 EDC to their exchange account by random selection.

3. Each stage does not depend on the previous one. If all the conditions are met, you can get a bonus at any of four stages. If you have not received a bonus at any stage, you can still participate in the next stage.

4. The right to amend the terms of this promotion remains with Bit-Z.

Promotion period: June 15, 2020, 12:00 (UTC/GMT +08:00) - July 13, 2020, 12:00 (UTC/GMT +08:00)

We thank our community for your contribution to its development and strive to provide each member with the opportunity to receive even more bonuses! 

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