Plan the Perfect Training Program in Our New Office! |

Plan the Perfect Training Program in Our New Office!

In Bogota, a new unofficial representative office of EDC Blockchain opened its doors to the Colombian crypto community.

We have great news for EDC community members from Latin America! Our leaders have opened a partner office in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, for more comfortable and open interaction with users, holding stationary training events and presentations, technical support and holiday events!

In the framework of the program implemented by the new office managers, educational business presentations, training and seminars will be held for both beginners of the crypto industry and experienced blockchain experts.

Opening of the office in Colombia will enable EDC community members in Latin America to host their own events dedicated to EDC Blockchain products and the independent self-contained ECRO System.

It is planned that Daniel Grosso, the leader of the EDC community in Latin America and the Ambassador of EDC Blockchain, will train the members of the EDC community and provide technical support for the office in Bogota.

Daniel Grosso, one of the key figures of the EDC Blockchain project, leader and speaker in Latin America.
Daniel Grosso at work in the new office.

Program of events to be held at the EDC Blockchain office in Bogota:

Every Wednesday:

6 pm - 7 pm — training program for advanced EDC community members.

Every Thursday: 

6 pm - 7 pm —  training program for entry-level EDC community members.

Every Saturday:

8 am - 9 am — business presentation of EDC Blockchain and ECRO System products for advanced EDC community members;

9:30 am - 10:30 am — business presentation of the EDC Blockchain and ECRO System products for entry-level members of the EDC community.

For all other working issues, members of the EDC community can contact the EDC Blockchain office in Bogota from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm.

We are waiting for everyone interested in scaling their business with EDC Blockchain products in our new office in Bogota!

We invite to cooperate with us all the people who share our mission to form our own global market for consumer goods and services in the ECRO System!

Address: North Avenue Carrera 45 # 108A-50, the 6th floor of the BOSH building, Office # 25, north of Bogota, Colombia

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