Our Team Successfully Presented EDC Blockchain in Turkey! |

Our Team Successfully Presented EDC Blockchain in Turkey!

Participants of the EDC community gathered on a conference on the 17th of June in Duzce, Turkey.

The announcement of the EDC presentation attracted the great interest. We received a lot of applications, more, than the conference room of Düzce Sürur Hotel could host.

It confirms the interest of the crypto community to innovative blockchain-technologies, that EDC presents. And, of course, it means, that we will organize more conferences and presentations in this region.

Nowadays, it's very difficult to surprise the audience, but EDC speakers succeeded!

The platform has the huge potential:

  • The possibility to tokenize small and medium business;
  • The possibility to create your own cryptocurrencies;
  • The possibility to get rewards from coin's leasing.

All these advantages were clearly represented by the EDC leaders.

EDC Blockchain. The future is coming!

Check the fragment of video report