Opportunities for Users After Updating EDC Blockchain |

Opportunities for Users After Updating EDC Blockchain

Dear users, 

We have successfully updated EDC Blockchain on February 1, 23:00 (GMT +8). The following is now available to you: 

1) You can transfer any amount of EDC coins with no limits, including making operations with check codes, red envelopes, as well as conducting anonymous transactions. 

2) You get a bonus in the amount of 36% per annum from the amount of coins staked; 

3) You get a bonus generated by masternodes until they expire. Masternode deposits have been disabled. 

How latest updates contribute to the EDC Blockchain development

1) By removing all transaction limits, each user can stake an unlimited number of EDC coins and receive a bonus based on the amount of coins staked. The user bonus in the established amount of 36% per annum allows the network to slow down the issuance of new coins, contributing to a decrease in the supply of coins in the market, as well as an increase in natural demand. The lower the supply, the higher the price of the coin in case of natural demand. 

2) Validators benefit greatly from ongoing updates. Removing transaction limits leads to an increase in the volume of transactions, and, as a result, an increase in the overall volume of fees. Since all validators receive a daily reward of 10% of the transaction fees, their rewards will increase. 

3) 90% of all transaction fees are burned on EDC Blockchain. Taking into account that the volume of both transactions and fees increases due to the removal of limits, more coins will be burned than before. Taken together, fewer coins issued and more coins burned result in fewer coins on the market: circulating coins become “less frequent” and therefore more valuable. When demand exceeds supply, the price of the coin increases, which benefits all EDC Blockchain users. 

EDC Blockchain thanks the community for its support and is actively engaged in the analysis and development of additional tools for applying the EDC coin in both real life and business. 

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