Opportunities for EDC: The Blockchain Revolution Starts in the EU |

Opportunities for EDC: The Blockchain Revolution Starts in the EU

For your information, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) officially start operations in Brussels. It will combine the efforts of blockchain startups and companies, international organizations, government institutions, as well as politicians to introduce blockchain technology in various areas of activity.

The fact is that such news always promises upcoming changes. Therefore, let's find out what awaits the EDC coin and cryptocurrency in general.

Future Ideological Value

INATBA should combine numerous blockchain startups from different areas. The organization aims at strengthening relations between small and medium-sized businesses on the one hand, and regulators on the other; The main goal of the agreement is to introduce mass use of the blockchain.

As a result, the European Union officially started to implement the idea of many startups, while the cryptocurrency is an alternative to paper money and credit cards. A new world where you can pay with digital assets for a cup of coffee on the Champs Elysees, pay for having rest somewhere in Amsterdam, or buy a speeding ticket on Germany’s autobahn.

Why does the world need to popularize the blockchain? It's easy: this technology is able to bring the economy to a completely different level, where transactions take place quickly, transparently and reliably, without attracting intermediaries and providing the ability to transfer multi-million funds in one click.

The forgotten startups are an analog of Jules Verne’s novels, as his books show that a person could build a submarine or fly to the moon. The startups brought the idea, as well as showed perspective and set the trends. Thus, for the implementation of their idea they did not have enough resources, such as time, money and technical component.

The government has much more resources. As they say, they took it upon themselves to build a future for the world economy.

EDC and EU: Key for Keyhole

At one point, the cryptocurrency turned out to be on the race road, while the question arises: who will come first? Who will strengthen the position in the global market and get widespread popularity? There will be several prizes, including popular coins, as well as coins that were oriented towards the marketplace and subsequent globalization. In this case, it is EDC.

INATBA is a fair wind for EDC. Our coin has a flexible code, is designed for modern requests and will be able to withstand widespread popularization. We have repeatedly written about this in previous articles, since bringing the EDC to the world market was our original goal and concept.

EDC and INATBA, in fact, pursue the same goal, while each is a tool for each other. We even dare to say that INATBA is a separate ecosystem for our coin: the keyhole, which, by coincidence, is ideally suited to our key.

We are also looking for opportunities to negotiate with the EU in order to explain our position, goals, and advantages, and ideally to help EDC reach the level of recognition by the European authorities.

After all, who if not us?

So, what's the verdict?

Now we can say with full confidence that the government structures began to implement the idea of popularizing the blockchain technology. Therefore, in the near future, the crypto world is waiting for the Renaissance, as holding and trading cryptocurrency will give way to the prospects of the marketplace and the output of the coin to the wide market.

By the way, now we have the exact answer when it comes to buying EDC coins.

You should have done it :)