EDC Charity Project |

EDC Charity Project

EDC Blockchain launches a charity project for members of the bounty campaign. The purpose of the project is to help people in difficult circumstances.

Children that need to be provided with surgical care, children living in orphanages, people with disabilities and many others going through a hard time can get support from compassionate EDC community members.

So we are opening a special account called ‘promo-edcblockchain’ which will serve as a charitable foundation to help those in need.

To join the charity, you need to do the following:

• When leasing EDC coins, enter the name of the partner ‘partners1545’ in the Partner Account field, or create an account following the link.
• Take a screenshot after completing the leasing procedure.
• Send your screenshot with the name of your wallet to @trugad on Telegram.

The EDC Blockchain company will give a special bonus equivalent to 20% of the invested funds to all users participating in our charity project, as an expression of gratitude.

Additional conditions for participating:

• Participating is available to the members of the bounty campaign that have been rewarded at least once during the campaign
• The 20% bonus can be obtained provided that the amount of funds you invest does not exceed the total reward received for the entire bounty campaign.

We would like, in advance, to thank everyone who decides to participate in the campaign and help people in need!