Notification for Users of the Livecoin Exchange |

Notification for Users of the Livecoin Exchange

Dear EDC Blockchain users!

We are kindly asking you to withdraw your EDC coins from by May 15, 2019. Take note: the exchange shows the old ticker symbol, EDR. As we reported earlier, these measures are being taken as part of the recent rebranding of the EDC Blockchain project and the official switch to a new cryptocurrency ticker symbol. We would like to notify you that after the specified date, the withdrawal of assets under the old ticker symbol will be impossible.

Most platforms have already updated the project information. Soon, the crypto exchanges, on which our coin is being traded under the previous ticker symbol, will switch to using the official EDC ticker. To date, users can make an EDC deposit to the exchanges, a list of which is presented on the official website

We are always trying to be the most open and transparent. Thank you for your support!

EDC Blockchain Team