Torrid Zone – Hot Leaders! Nigeria Can Not Be on the Sidelines! |

Torrid Zone – Hot Leaders! Nigeria Can Not Be on the Sidelines!

On July 20, in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the ECRO ecosystem based on the EDC Blockchain platform was presented in an authentic atmosphere.

An experienced speaker and active coordinator of our community in Nigeria, Evans Ehiosimwiogbe, presented all the features of the ECRO ecosystem, the main part of which is the marketplace and the creation of the ECRO Academy, where marketing specialists and project leaders will be trained.

The EDC community leader in Nigeria, Evans Ehiosimwiogbe, at the seminar in Port Harcourt.

The ECRO project was created to implement a global mission of uniting producers, investors, and consumers in one ecosystem. ECRO Marketplace allows any manufacturers to exhibit their products or services on a unified platform for online trading, and an EDC coin can be used as a means of mutual settlement. You can purchase an internal ECRO token, which is freely convertible into EDC coins.

Nigeria demonstrates great loyalty to crypto-innovations, which leads to a very active expansion of the local community.

The ECRO ecosystem tools based on the EDC blockchain are built in a way to ensure a steady increase in turnover within the network.

The availability and ease of use of EDC products allow our community to grow actively in Nigeria.

EDC Blockchain development strategies are successfully applied in global markets. We are grateful to our coordinators in Nigeria for the competence and professionalism which they show in developing business in the African region.

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