Next Stage of EDCst Coin Development! |

Next Stage of EDCst Coin Development!

Regarding the desire of the community to establish a fixed value on the EDC coin, there will be a month provided for adjusting the rate of the coin.

There will be several options for the price to be fixed at: $0.005, $0.01, $0.015, $0.02 and $0.03, but not lower than $0.005.

Thus, it was decided to open a free exchange on the Crocobit P2P platform and the price that will be closer to one of the prices indicated above will permanently be fixed so EDC coin will have a constant fixed price.

We announce April 21, 2020, as the date for fixing the EDCst coin price, as well as the beginning of a new development stage towards the Great Reload! This will result in greater protection of the interests of all coin holders, entrepreneurs selling their goods and services in the ECRO Marketplace, and their customers. The EDCst coin will not be subject to volatility, as well it will increase the loyalty of new partners and will help adapt digital technologies to real life.

This date is symbolic for both EDC Blockchain and world history: Rome was founded on April 21, which marked the beginning of one of the greatest and most developed empires in the world! In 2006, Jack Dorsey sent the first message on "Twitter", which is one of the most popular networks in the world now, where 1.3 billion accounts are registered! The same day the World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated.

Creating something new, changing people's lives for the better, developing in the field of new technologies - all these things motivate our team to form and improve the advanced multifunctional EDC Blockchain platform, which helps meet the requirements of our numerous community and match all the needs of every person!

Stay with us! There are plenty of events coming to help you achieve effective results!