News Digest: Who Is Ready to Pay and Accept Payments in Crypto |

News Digest: Who Is Ready to Pay and Accept Payments in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are becoming so popular that NBA players are ready to receive their salaries in cryptocurrency, famous clubs allow their visitors to with cryptocurrency, and popular magazines create videos for cryptocurrency. Let's see which ones. 


The American company MicroStrategу, engaged in business analysis and mobility software development, will pay its directors in bitcoins at the rate of the US dollar. The company owns about 100,000 bitcoins, which it has purchased over the past two years, almost doubling its bitcoin portfolio thanks to the increase of its value. 


The NBA club Sacramento Kings will offer its players to receive a salary in cryptocurrency, club owner Vivek Ranadive announced on Clubhouse. Though, it is not yet clear how the payments will be made. By the way, in early March, another NBA club, the Dallas Mavericks, began selling tickets for matches for Dogecoin. Last year, NFL player Russell Okung purchased $13 million bitcoins with his salary. 


Jim Kramer, an American host of the CNBC show and bitcoin critic in the past, doesn't mind getting paid in cryptocurrency. He believes that companies should follow MicroStrategy as Bitcoin has a bright future. Using his example, Kramer also spoke about the use of cryptocurrency in life – he sold part of the coins and paid off his mortgage


The Time magazine has partnered with investment company Grayscale. Under this partnership, Time will release several educational videos about cryptocurrency for Grayscale and will be paid in bitcoins, CEO Michael Sonnenschein announced on Twitter

E11even Miami

E11even Miami luxury nightclub is reopening after being closed due to the pandemic over a year ago. The representatives announced that the club will start accepting cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, BCH, XRP, DOGE and others, as a means of payment for food, drinks and their services. They also said that “customers want to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment,” and this will help the business reach a new level. 


The California real estate agency Caruso will begin accepting Bitcoin payments for residential and commercial rentals. The company has invested part of the funds in cryptocurrency, believes in its investments, and plans, together with Gemini, to launch a loyalty program that allows customers to earn cryptocurrency. 

As the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain expands, the number of places and companies where users can do online shopping, buy coffee or pizza, rent an apartment, while business owners can pay employees salaries or bonuses in cryptocurrency, also increases. 

The EDC Blockchain platform with its own coin and blockchain tools is a turnkey solution that can be implemented by small and medium-sized businesses without any major costs. Even without special knowledge and skills, everyone can install a free EDC Blockchain wallet to conduct transactions, connect the coin to their business, as well as reward their employees with the bonus coins via red envelopes and check codes. 

Probably, in a few years, the exchange of bonus EDC coins for goods and services, as well as widespread use in HoReCa, will be as commonplace as paying with bitcoins is now becoming commonplace. 

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