New Year. New Beginnings |

New Year. New Beginnings

Dear member of our EDC community! 

As 2020 draws to a close, it is the best time to sum up the results and look into the future. 

Let’s take a look of what we have implemented:

1. The EDC Blockchain platform has switched to the decentralized blockchain and introduced the possibility of validation. This is a time-consuming technical process, but the results are as impressive as follows:

  • Users can deploy their own witness nodes that confirm blocks, for which they receive a reward. Their reward accounts for 2880 EDC (!) per day, taking into account that the block is generated every 3 seconds.
  • Validators (node owners) receive 10% from user commissions.
  • The security of the blockchain has increased, since only witnesses verified by the committee are involved in making any decision in the project, therefore, they need to reach a consensus.
  • No third parties are involved.

At the current stage of the decentralization process, all users independently determine the exchanges on which the EDC coin is listed, and can burn any amount of coins to achieve a shortage in circulation and increase the demand for the EDC coin, as well as observe all transactions in the public Blockchain Explorer on the website.

Thus, you can donate to our project here. We thank everyone for the donations that have already been made, in the New Year you will definitely get some karma points! :)

2. The EDC Blockchain wallet was globally updated. A rank mechanism, a reduction in the size of commissions, as well as a mechanism for burning coins and a counter for tracking the volume of burned coins were introduced.

In total, there are 3 ranks. Upon reaching each of which, your transaction fees are reduced. Upon reaching Rank 3, your commission is 0% and the creation of a witness node is accessible. To reach a certain rank, you need to burn a certain amount of coins.

All information is available in the EDC Blockchain Wallet -> "Ranks" section. In this section you can:

  • See your current rank (“Rank”); 
  • See the number of burned coins needed to get a rank (“How to get a rank”); 
  • Burn the required number of coins to get a rank by clicking “Burn coins”;
  • See the commission interest depending on your rank (“Transfer Commission”); 
  • See the number of active witnesses and their reward (“Witnesses”), which will become available after you become a witness; 
  • Become a witness and receive a reward for confirming blocks by clicking the "Witnesses" button.

3. The EDC Auction, a new project for using EDC coins has become available to users! This is a platform on which the site administration provides lots (such as iPhones and MacBooks, possibly gold and cars in the future), while users place bids using the virtual BIDs, which can be purchased for EDC coins.

If the user leads within 60 seconds, he or she becomes the winner and gets the winning lot. A distinctive feature from other auctions is that the user can choose whether to get a product or instant cashback in EDC coin in the amount of the lot when the deal is closed. Usually the profit amounts to up to 1000% or even higher!

Join our Telegram chat to find profitable deals!

4. The most anticipated project ECRO Marketplace is at its final stage! The developers have already migrated data to the production version, which is the latest version in compliance with all standards and security measures, requiring only minor improvements to display the functionality.

ECRO is a marketplace that serves entrepreneurs from all over the world as a platform for the sale of goods and services! ECRO Marketplace has all the tools you need to create your online trading business, even from scratch!

It provides a simple registration and creation of a store page with your own domain name, marketing packages with which sellers can increase the popularity of the store and the number of buyers, the ability to create promotions, set cashback on their products, make discounts and thereby increase sales! Free statistics are available in your personal account, tracking which it will be easier for you to create your own promotion strategy, and upon request to the ECRO administration, you can place a banner on the main site, which will increase traffic several times! Buyers can purchase various items from various sellers, choose shipping regions and pay conveniently with EDC coins! Are you ready to earn more coins?

If you haven’t yet submitted your application for placement on ECRO, it’s high time to do it and get a gift! Fill out the online form for joining ECRO as a seller and we'll give you three months of using the premium package with the most useful development tools for FREE!

Hurry up to be among the first: the platform will be launched right after the New Year!


We make sure that the next year will provide the loyalty to the use of cryptocurrencies and services on the blockchain, which is facilitated by the introduction of cryptocurrencies into their services by large payment systems (for example, PayPal), intentions to create national digital currencies, and even attempts by the governments to regulate cryptocurrencies. 

In the New Year 2021, the EDC coin will return to its origins, the use and development as a means of payment for goods and services, and together with our large international community, we will make every effort for this! We will move in this direction, increasing the number of payment points and merchants, building up the base of large partners and, with the help of community members, creating comfortable conditions for listing on different exchanges! 

We hope that the difficult world time will pass, and we will start this year with the right approach to our development and the work of active participants will be fully rewarded! Prioritize correctly your goals, hold your coins, or stake them to increase your earnings before the EDC coin increases.

As Albert Einstein said, "In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity." Let each of you see and use the opportunities given to you! 

Happy New Year!