New Way of Looking at High Tech |

New Way of Looking at High Tech

According to research conducted by IDC, by 2022, more than $11.7 billion will be spent on solutions related to the blockchain industry and implementing blockchain technologies in real life.

This figure shows the growing demand for blockchain development around the world. Today, many entrepreneurs are thinking about introducing blockchain technology and digital assets into their businesses, as this can bring a lot of advantages, the main of which is reliability and transparency of transactions, the high speed of transactions regardless of their amount and the possibility of anonymous payments.

Wide field of possibilities on the EDC Blockchain platform

There is a number of traditional ways to make money with the help of blockchain, among which are “buy and hold” strategy, cryptocurrency staking, mining, trading, as well as currency and exchange arbitrage. However, the industry is evolving now, so every day new forms of blockchain opportunities appear.

Think of any financial service the traditional economy has, and the next day blockchain will not only invent the way to improve it but will give you all the reasons to start using it right away.

Generating tokens for the development of your business, implementing individual user projects on EDC blockchain, supported by the vast community from all over the world, and get everyday bonuses from leasing crypto assets — here is a far from a complete list of advantages, provided by the platform.

How leasing can improve your prospects

EDC Blockchain uses the LPoS leasing technology, which is an improved version of Proof-of-Stake. In the EDC Blockchain LPoS system, users can lease their funds to masternodes to start receiving daily rewards.

At the end of the deposit period, the amount deposited by the user is returned to the balance. The user can enable or disable the function of auto-renewal in the settings, so at the end of the deposit period, the leasing term will be extended for the same period with the actual interest rate at the time of an extension.

Create cryptocurrency and scale your business with new opportunities of assets diversification

One of the main distinguishing features of the EDC Blockchain platform is a built-in innovative blockchain constructor that provides package solutions for creating your own digital assets from a simple token to a full-fledged cryptocurrency with PoS mining algorithm on the EDC blockchain platform in a few clicks. A proper token allows you to scale the business and opens up new prospects for finding new customers and gaining loyalty from existing customers.

The EDC coin constructor offers one of three packages to create your own digital asset, depending on the characteristics of the token that are suitable for a particular user. You can choose one of these packages on the official website of the company.

The “Basic” package provides the opportunity to create a coin, give it a symbol and description.

The “Plus” package makes it possible to change the maximum quantity issued when creating a coin, and change its symbol and description.

With the “Premium” package, a user can create a full-fledged cryptocurrency based on the PoS mining algorithm and select the main characteristics of the coin, such as the symbol, description, maximum issue, the number of decimals, the leasing function, as well as the aging maturity bonus.

But that is not all! When working with the EDC Blockchain platform, users can also count on broad advertising and marketing support of their projects. This is possible due to the fact that the EDC Blockchain team are crypto experts with solid experience, having many popular projects as partners. All these tools help community members to reach a fundamentally new level of development together with EDC Blockchain!

EDC Blockchain Background

“Our goal is to create blockchain-based products that are accessible to everyone. We want to help tokenize small and medium-sized businesses so that our company grows and benefits people and society as a whole, working in a position of maximum transparency and decency”, comments Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of EDC Blockchain.

“EDC Blockchain was created as a multifunctional platform, an aggregator with its own blockchain to provide users with advanced solutions, including marketing opportunities for any type of business and startups, as well as support for the community that has developed over the past years”.