New EDC Blockchain Video Is on YouTube |

New EDC Blockchain Video Is on YouTube

Our users are eagerly following the updates on the YouTube channel of our project because every week we are pleased to share with you a video compilation of the latest news from the life of both the EDC Blockchain and ECRO System communities!

In this video, you will learn about the historic high quotes of the EDC coin, which brought the EDC Blockchain project to 59th place in the world ranking of the most successful blockchain projects on Coinmarketcap! Thus, you will surely learn about the fact that the EDC Blockchain platform is now an official partner of one of the largest organizations in the world that supports blockchain technology around the world!

In addition, you won't miss our technical updates! Mobile and web wallets, startup platform, the marketplace, exchanges, and the academy - these are the elements of our multifunctional ecosystem that were upgraded last week!

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