New EDC Blockchain Goals Set! |

New EDC Blockchain Goals Set!

Once again, we would like to congratulate our entire international community with the coming New Year 2021! May your courageous and active decisions change the world for the better!

In 2021, we expect to provide the following solutions:

Q1. No limits on transfers and staking amounts. 

Q1. Leasing deposits to masternodes are cancelled. 

Q1. Creating a staking program with the possibility of staking coins for 12 months. The annual staking reward is 36%. 

Q2. Increase in the number of the node holders to 100 validators. 

Q2. Switching to a public decentralized blockchain. 

Q2. Expanding the blockchain tools for entrepreneurs and using the EDC coin as a means of payment for goods and services. 

Q3. Creation of a foundation and platform for startups. A budget of 10 million EDC to be allocated for the development of startups. 

Q4. Updating wallets given the ability to credit and acquire startup shares. 

Q1-4. Expanding trading opportunities.

A full extended roadmap will be released in early January!

Happy Holidays! 

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